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(Translation from French)

Perfect !! Thank you !! A product from Quebec ! We encourage our community ! Regards

Josée, Roberval, Québec


(Translation from French)

I do not often take the time for this kind of feedback , but your product is excellent . The anti-skid base , the storage bag and the rotation of the top section, it’s well thought out. I'm from Sherbrooke and it's done in Sherbrooke! I do not know exactly who you are and if you done other things, but this product worth the purchase price. I bought it at Després Laporte, thank you!

Eric, Quebec, Canada


(Translation from French)

I found dryers for pasta but they are made with plastic and I hate plastic. I found your address through Pinterest and I think what you do is beautiful.

Clémence, Singapore


(Translation from French)


My daughter decided to make pasta today and here’s the result. We appreciate the full rotation of the upper section. It is much easier for her arthritic hands. 

Thank you very much for having invented La Spirale.

Danielle Peuramaki, Ontario, Canada


(Translation from French)

I bought a Kitchenaid and we decided to make PASTAS. Then when we realized that we were missing something to dry those Pastas, because it was more complicated than expected. So we searched through the internet "Pasta Drying Rack". We have seen several and our choice fell on your product because of the quality (according to your photos) but also because it was a product made in Quebec. 

So I decided to encourage a product from Quebec. I give you some news after the first use and thank you for your excellent service.

Martine Levasseur, Québec, Canada


(Translation from French)

One year later…

Hello , just to tell you that I love your product and it's very easy to dry the dough with. Very satisfied and glad I bought it.

Thank you and good day and Happy Holidays .

Martine Levasseur, Québec, Canada


(Translation from French)

We used La Spirale and it’s really a must to make Pasta. It’s much less a problem for drying Pasta. 

Good Day.

Martine Levasseur, Québec, Canada


I received a parcel in excellent condition. This device is the best in design and technology.

Thank you so much!

Sergey Gumenyuk, Russia


I received La Spirale from the post office at 7/3/2014. I'm very pleased with this product. To my opinion is one of the most ergonomic, sophisticated designs (probably best in the world) for long pasta drying rack. If, in the future, you have a horizontal-type of short pasta drying rack, please send me an email with pictures.

Here in Greece, the only things you can find in stores are made-in-Italy drying racks.





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