1. Assemble the two sections of the central pole.
  2. Screw the central pole to the maple-wood anti-skid base without applying too much pressure.
  3. Insert the dowels in the holes on the central pole without applying too much pressure. Your Pasta Dryer is ready to use.


How to use

There are two methods to place your fresh pasta on the pasta dryer. You can place the pasta on the dowel and then insert the dowels in the central pole OR you can insert all the dowels on the central pole then place the strands of pasta on the dowels starting with the highest dowel and moving to the lower dowels. Make sure you space out the individual pasta strands to avoid bunching. Put as many strands as you can on each dowel. You should be able to place 25 to 28 strands on each dowel for a total of 450.


Tips for drying and storing pasta

  • Dried fresh pasta is fragile. Pasta made with all-purpose flour or ground semolina is more resistant than pasta made with whole wheat flour. Try to use a recipe that produces pasta that is not too fragile once dry. Also, the finer the pasta the more fragile it will be once dry. If you dry your pasta for too long it will break more easily. We recommend experimenting till you find the best recipe.

  • Dry the pasta for about 8 hours then place it in a sealable container with a piece of absorbent tissue paper. Leave the lid open and let dry overnight. Make sure the pasta is completely dry before sealing the lid. Fresh pasta will keep for up to a month.

  • To remove the dried pasta from the dowels, hold the dowel in one hand and slide the pasta off the dowel with your other hand. You can also delicately remove the dowel and let the strands slide off.

  • Let your personal experience guide you in choosing the most efficient method.

Note: To remove the dowels, grasp the dowel at the point nearest to the centre post with one hand and at the extreme opposite end with the other, and gently twist and pull to remove the dowel from the centre post.

Buona Pasta!

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